takethislife (takethislife) wrote,

Stolen from Jackie

01 x The name of your parents child: Ken, Janene, Jen and Jeremy
02 x French fries or papas fritas: French fries...what the hell is the latter?
03 x Sega or Nintendo: Nintendo
04 x Colorful or Free: colourful
05 x Are you smiling?: nah
06 x What would you say if i told you i was pregnant: Um...I don't know.
07 x Are you still smiling?: uh..i have a feeling this survey is an inside joke that I'm invading on...meh...
08 x Do you like coffee?: adore it...Tim Horton's represent
09 x Are there BBQ stains on your white t shirts?: nada
10 x Did you like I Love Lucy?: no
11 x If I were french and forgot my shoes would that make a difference?: definitely some sort of inside joke
12 x Seventy Five or Twenty Three: 23
13 x Shoe of choice: converse
14 x Hairstyle of choice: short
15 x Drug of choice: alcohol
16 x Air conditioner company of choice: can't afford it
17 x Poptarts or toaster strudles: toaster strudles
18 x Did you leave the door open?: uh?
19 x Is it really that windy out?: nah
20 x How about rainy?: kinda
21 x Not even Snowy?: no, thank god
22 x Did you know you are hungry?: no
23 x Birds or Cats (to eat): how about just to maim? Cause Tim's cat can be a pain in the ass...
24 x Is it really 2004 or is it 2003?: 2004
25 x What do you think of the x's after the numbers on this survey, pretty classy eh?: meh
26 x How do you feel about taxes?: I need that tax return
27 x If you were a book would you be a hardcover or a paperback?: paper back...smaller, takes up less space
28 x Puerto Rico is actually a state isn't it?: probably once George Bush finishes his world domination power trip
29 x Do you know anyone named Tom?: I know a Tim
30 x Is Tom an asshole?: n/a
31 x Or is Tom nice?: n/a
32 x Tom actually doesn't exist what do you think now?: ......
33 x Is water made of living things?: I think there are microscopic organisms in there
34 x Do you drink mineral water?: good old belleville tap water
35 x Is Drew Carey fat or is it just me?: he's like a big teddy bear
36 x Do you think fruits (the food) have sex?: no
37 x Would you ever kill someone to get ahead?: no
38 x What if it meant you'd be a billionaire?: I change my answer to yes
39 x Soap or Mobs?: huh?
40 x Dinner Parties or sitting alone watching videos of dinner parties: dinner party
41 x Did you see The Matrics?: if you mean the matrix...I saw part of it and thought it was dumb
42 x What'd you think of the part where they were fighting, pretty cool huh?: no
43 x Are you wondering is this is the last question?: maybe
44 x It's not. (No you are not tripping #44 is not a question): riiight
45 x Liquor or Lick Her: LIQUOR
46 x Have you ever turned to dust?: nope
47 x Do black widows (the spider, not a person) scare you?: damn skippy
48 x Is the lord of the rings an employee at Zales Diamond Rings?: maybe
49 x Ever drank vanilla extract?: nope...gross
50 x For the taste or for the insane saving coupons?: n/a
51 x Are you smiling still?: nope
52 x Sony or Dell (cookie brands): huh?
53 x Batman or Spiderwoman: batman
54 x What is your favorite question on this survey so far? they're all just really really insightful...i can't choose
55 x Do toilet paper brands matter to you?: nope
56 x How would you feel if i punched you?: meh
57 x How about if you were completely numb?: uh..
58 x What if the numbness left you paralyzed?: i would request that a friend push me off a cliff in my wheelchair so I would die
59 x Door knobs or push pins: riiight
60 x Any last thoughts?: bored
61 x What did you think of this survey?: i dont think it was one that was supposed to be passed around
62 x Are you glad its over?: sure
63 x Me too, are you hungry?: no, i had half a free donut a half hour ago
64 x The End. (don't answer that): .
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